Finding Joy

These days, there's a lot of talk about finding joy. Hah! you say. That is easier said than done, especially in the middle of a pandemic. How do you define joy? To me, joy is that peaceful, contentment that resides deep within us. Try some of these tried and true strategies to help you find … Continue reading Finding Joy

Looking for love. What are you looking for?

We all find ourselves looking for love. From the time that we are born, we seek connection with others whether it be spouses, friends or family. What is it that we are really seeking? We want to be seen One of the most meaningful things anyone can ever say to us is “I see you.” … Continue reading Looking for love. What are you looking for?

Predicting the Coronavirus New Normal

The New Yorker, May 10, 2020 “When will all this be over and we return to normal”? The experts predict that life will return to normal only after a vaccine and antibody testing are readily available. The forecasts range from this fall to 18 months from now. Until then, as the world reopens we will … Continue reading Predicting the Coronavirus New Normal