Testimonials: Custody Logs Work

Custody of child

We asked a couple of fathers if we could share their Facebook comments from our site about the importance of custody logs.

Will Koplin I have mine its filed with the courts before my custody hearing, it helped alot. physical condition, emotional state, sleep patterns and the statements made. A few min a day can mean a lot. I have full custody of my daughter. Please do this fathers.

Colin Brown I watched my x try this shit in court, and I was awarded full custody and her visitation rights were stripped. But she messed up and had her sister make the print outs. She happily showed the court a bunch print outs of drug deals happening with my son with her along with pictures of her holding my son with an obvious needle , spoon, and drugs within his reach along with all the messages of me begging her to let me see him. She was actually in jail for possession of meth and heroin during the last 2 court dates,she was allowed to go to the second to last in shackles and cuffs…. he was 14 months old when I got custody and turns 5 I just 4 days and we have received 2 phone calls in the entire span of him being with me. First was her yelling at me for getting her stimulus check cause she hasn’t paid any support and the last was when she accidentally butt dialed. So , with all that vomited out, I say make a record of everything that has to do with the child , good and bad. Take notes on everything if you’re going to fight for custody, because no matter what the kids didn’t ask to be born it’s up to you to make sure they are safe and happy. I’m seriously thankful for it…. mine was filled with everything from how he smelled, the contents of his diaper bag ” rotten milk and mt dew in a sippy cup” along with so many bad things from his mother, to everything I did with him ( meals, baths, parks and things we would go to, what shows we watched, even the stories I read) were all documented and presented in chronological order as my lawyer instructed.

Tracking Visits is Quick and Easy Using CaseKeepers’ Journal
  • Capture events and behaviors in a few clicks: Select a tag and hit save. CaseKeepers automatically captures the date and time.
  • Log key discussions: At any time you can edit an entry and write about important discussions.
  • Attach Photos, Videos, Receipts and Communications to your entries

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