How to Collect Evidence for Personal Injury Cases

Whether you have been injured in a traffic accident, workplace accident, product liability incident or medical malpractice, you can win your case by collecting the right evidence using an evidence journal. It is critical that you prepare documentation demonstrating your pain and suffering, medical expenses, property damage, loss of income, and emotional suffering to the court. Build your case.

The right evidence is key and social media in NOT the right place to collect it. Stay off of social media!

Get Medical Treatment and Track It

If you have been injured in an accident, you should get medical treatment. Even if you are tough and don’t think you need it, your case does not stand a chance without proper documentation of your injuries. Follow exactly the treatment plan recommended by your medical team.

  • Medical Visits: Record the date of each visit to your doctor, psychologist or physical therapist. Record their findings and their treatment plan.
  • Pain Level: Daily, track your pain levels and the impact to your daily routine.
  • Anxiety and Depression: Daily, track your mood and the impact the accident has had on your mood.
  • Treatment Compliance: Daily track your compliance with the treatment plan recommended by your medical team.
Record Interactions With Your Employment, Other Party or Insurance Company

In order to avoid a “he said, they said” situation, document every exchange you have with the lawyers for the opposition, the insurance company and your place of employment.

  • When & Where: Document when, where, how the exchange took place and who heard the conversation.
  • Summary: Summarize the conversation.

Preserve Evidence

Attach Photos, Videos, Receipts and Communications

  • Include photos and videos of your injuries and property damage.
  • Keep all receipts showing your expenditures including repairs to property, legal expenses and medical expenses.
  • Screen shot all text message exchanges relevant to your case.
  • Attach copies of emails between you and others involved in your case.

Stay Organized Using Tags

  • Use tags to help you stay organized and generate documentation for the court.
  • Create personalized tags such as:
  • Events: medical apt, therapy apt, PT apt,
  • Who: my lawyer, their lawyer, doctor, psychologist, PT
  • State: Bed, Mobile, Depressed, Anxious, Working

How to Create an Evidence Journal

Journaling can be completed using CaseKeepers on your desktop or mobile device as it makes everything much simpler, faster and more organized. If you choose to hire an attorney, your journal entries and attachments can all be shared with your attorney. If you are representing yourself, CaseKeepers will help you generate reports for the courts.

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