Simplify Evidence or Information Collection Using a Digital Journal

The key to winning any case or dispute is collecting the right evidence. Whether you are fighting a legal battle in the courts, trying to get services for your child with the school district or convincing your insurance company that they should pay your claim, having clear, concise organized data is essential.

Collecting evidence or data can be extremely burdensome. Often you end up with boxes of unorganized photos, printed documents, receipts, etc. The good news is that it doesn’t need to be so hard. Use a digital journal to upload and organize it all. CaseKeepers was created for just this purpose!

Let’s get started!

Create an account

Create a free CaseKeepers client account. If you are an attorney or private investigator with lots of clients, you will want a Pro Account so that you can add lots of clients. Start by creating a free client account and then contact CaseKeepers to learn about your options.

DEfine your tags

Create a set of tags that help you keep everything organized. Some examples of tags:

  • Custody/ Divorce: Co-parenting, Blocked Call, Pickup Child, Drop-off Child, Arguing, Expense
  • IEP: Test Results, Homework Issues, Team Meeting, Behavior, Discussion with Teacher
  • Medical Claim: Phone Discussion, Letter, Referral, Pain Level, Medical Visit
  • Property Damage Dispute: Damage, Expenses, Estimates, Witnesses
  • Personal Injury: Pain Level, Medical Visit, Witness
  • Prosecution: Witness, Deposition, Location Visit, Photos
Upload information or evidence

Now start uploading evidence such as images, videos, recordings and documents, journaling your commentary and tagging your entry for future sorting and printing.

  • Create a journal entry.
  • Give a descriptive title.
  • Add tags for future filtering.
  • Attach your evidence.
  • Add additional information which might be useful in future reports.

At times, you may wish to record an interview or even your own notes and attach it to a journal entry. Other times, you may wish to upload documents such as depositions, receipts, medical reports, estimates, etc. to support your case.

Create reportS

When you are ready to share your evidence, create a “package” from the associated professional account. If you have created a free account, you will need to upgrade to a paid account. Using tags assigned to the journal entries, you can search through the entries to create groups of entries. A group of entries is called a “package”.

You might want to create a package of journal entries as evidence on a particular issue (represented by the tags) to support a brief or motion to the court, or in negotiation with opposing counsel. CaseKeepers supports advanced searching based on tags as well as words found within a journal entry. You may create as many packages as you would like depending on your needs.

Once you have created a package or collection of journal entries, you may create a PDF for printing or sharing. Each journal entry will be listed on its own page along with a thumbnail of any photos attached to the entry. In addition to the ability to print a package as a PDF file, you may create a zip file which includes all journal entries and their attachments.

archive case

When your case is closed, create a final package with all your data and archive the zip file for safe keeping. Although this isn’t a necessary step, it does ensure that you have the peace of mind of knowing that it is safe on the CaseKeepers site AND it is safely stored on your own site.

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